Accounting Firm Mannequin Challenges and More

About a month ago, one of my LinkedIn connections who works extensively within the professional services arena posted about the #MannequinChallenge.  She asked in her post, “who will be the first accounting firm to do it?”

Although it seems no firm immediately answered her request, there are a few that have come into the fray in the past couple weeks.

The first I noticed is from my acquaintances at Prager Metis in New York City.

Although a typical Mannequin Challenge video utilizes Rae Sremmurd’s “Black Beatles” in its soundtrack, these guys deviated from the norm.  Not that I’m at all complaining.  AC/DC is for all time.

Then I discovered other firms soon after.  Below is from Wermer, Rogers, Doran & Ruzon from Joliet, Illinois.  They did a special Christmas theme!

We also have the Norman, Oklahoma office of Eide Bailly.

Now let’s go across the pond to BKB Accountants in Poole, England.  Watch out…this is the explicit version.

PricewaterhouseCoopers even got in on the fun in Hungary…


…and Canada.

Those are the only ones I’ve noticed so far.  Any others out there?  I’d love to hear about them!

Finally, I want to end today by sharing with you a wonderful video from this past spring.  California-based Armanino created this announcement about their new casual dress code policy.

There’s a fantastic use of creativity here, and I love that they went in this direction.  It definitely isn’t something you would expect to announce this sort of thing, but it’s so apropos in terms of the instructional manner of it.  Props to their video production people for truly embracing the 50’s educational film aesthetic, from the grainy quality to the peppy muzak to the baritone-voiced announcer.  And here’s another interesting bit of trivia – “Jimmy” is played by Sean Taylor, Senior Tax Accountant at the firm.  In a recent interview with Jeff Phillips from AccountingFly, Sean mentioned that he had never acted in anything prior to doing this video.  I would’ve never guessed – he came off as an absolute professional.  Well, maybe the fact that he had no experience contributed to his stellar performance.

Anyway, those are some pretty dope videos I wanted to share before the holiday.  It’s always nice to see fun and creativity running rampant in firm culture.  I’ll try to sneak in one more post before 2017, but until then, follow me on Twitter at @HeyNickNappo (changed my handle back) for more good stuff!

Happy Holidays, crew!




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