On Giving Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving Eve, everyone.

I know.  In the midst of everything going on, it may be difficult to find things for which we’re thankful.  With so much negativity, hostility, and polarity going around like the common cold virus, how can we possibly find common ground?

I have several friends that are facing estrangement issues with their families in light of the election.  This election was unfortunately unique in that the platforms and rhetorics of both candidates and their supporters became deeply personal as well as economic and political.  Peoples’ identities and security about those identities came into question and were threatened, and at this point are still threatened, even before the President has taken office.  Couple that with the countless protests and counter-movements occurring all over the country, and the looming uncertainty within the business sphere about the implications of a Trump presidency on the economy.

Things might be looking bleak.  But herein lies the power of the Thanksgiving holiday.

I’m just thankful that the Sun will continue to rise and set.  I’m thankful I have a roof over my head and clothes on my back.  I’m thankful I have a loving family who has supported me in every crazy, unpredictable step of my career ambitions and will continue to do so.  On that note, I’m thankful for all the contacts I’ve made and the relationships I’ve fostered with people who are willing to help me usher in the next chapter of my career.

Finally, I’m thankful that beneath the surface of animosity, there is the fabric of love.  Hatred of people comes from cursory elements such as skin color and place of origin, but there is so much more to humanity than just that.  Call me delusional, but I will always believe that people are inherently good.  Maybe they make bad decisions sometimes, but I feel righteousness always prevails in the wake of our own demons.  And as our nation has overcome challenges before, it will overcome this challenge of a polarized society.  Many of us may find this difficult, in light of the philosophies our President and his supporters have extolled, but if we don’t at least try, the fabric of our society will dissolve.

I don’t deny that the color of the skin grants me much of the privilege to maintain this attitude.  But I will say that the love in my heart knows no color, knows no income, knows no creed, and knows no borders.  I want to live in a world for all people, and I will do my part to create that world for myself.

That’s mainly what I’m thankful for this Thanksgiving.  That amidst our struggles, there is love.  And I have the will and power to do that.

To my friends and followers, one and all, far and wide, Happy Thanksgiving.

Gobble, gobble!




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