My Next Chapter

This is the first blog post of the rest of my life.

In less than three weeks, I will be finishing my two-year-and-three-month tenure at Myles Wealth Management, a financial services firm in Florida, NY.  Although it seems to have passed quickly, as time always does, I have grown in so many ways and learned so many lessons that will undoubtedly bring me into the next stage of my career.

What is that next stage, you ask?  Plain and simple:

I want to be in accounting marketing.

If you go back on this blog, you’ll see that I’ve had an affinity for the accounting marketing field for quite some time.  However, after I got the job at Myles, I made the decision to not continue regularly with posting here because 1) I got really busy, and 2) writing about accounting when I was in the financial services industry would’ve been something of a conflict of interest, n’est-ce pas?

But now that my time at Myles is ending, I’m incredibly optimistic and excited.  Sad, of course, that I’m leaving, and a bit nervous about the uncertainty that lies ahead, but the way I see it, this is the first time in a long while where I’m boundless.  I can pursue the journey to the exact spot where my dreams lie and where my aspirations soar above the clouds.  In other words, I can really set out scott-free to be like some of the cool people I’ve read about and spoken with in accounting.

Yeah, I know.  Marketing for the accounting industry.  Some dream, right?
But the truth is, it speaks to me in multiple ways.

1) It’s the perfect mesh of the business and creative acumens, both of which I want to experience in a career.  I enjoy working in a traditional office setting, and I also believe in everyone utilizing their own unique talents and gifts in the achievement of a common goal.  In my case, that’s creativity and the ability to formulate marketing strategy.

2) I feel creativity is very much alive in the accounting marketing arena.  These past few years I’ve posted about the winners of the Association for Accounting Marketing’s Achievement Awards, and their work, whether in the traditional or digital forms, is exemplary of excellence in design, content and strategy.  Furthermore, it challenges the notion of accountants being humdrum, narrow-minded people, as the marketing of some firms embraces a side of accountants that are not frequently seen.  That’s attractive to me as a marketing director because I want to create work that defies stigmas and challenges perceptions in a way that’s fun, relevant, and resonant.

3) The accounting industry is young.  Enrollment in university accounting programs has significantly increased over the past decade, as has the number of graduates hired by CPA firms.* There is also much discussion about millennials in the profession, and how preceding generations can retain them in the industry through a shift in workplace culture and workflow dynamics.  In this way, I want to work hand-in-hand with millennials as we become the prominent age demographic in the workforce by 2020, and subsequently, its next leaders.

4) It’s no secret that CPAs are the most trusted business advisors among SMB’s and the C-suite.  That, and their influence extends across a multitude of industries, making them an integral component of an economic ecosystem, and the very kind of professional with whom I want to associate myself.

Again, I’m incredibly optimistic to see where my career takes me.  I joined the Association for Accounting Marketing in late May, and I’ve already made some great connections within the NYC Metro chapter.  Of course, the journey will have its challenges, but I’m more than ready to face them.  I will work hard, and keep my ambitions (and ego) in check, and look in as many ways as I can to contribute to the evolution and growth of the accounting profession.

Right now, though, I’m gonna hit some golf balls with my dad.  Looking forward to talking with you again soon!






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