Super Bowl 2015 Recap

I said I wouldn’t come back too often, but in light of probably the most important advertising day of the year, I decided to drop back in and voice my opinions before it gets to be too passé.  Because, after all, the Super Bowl was on Sunday, and like I did last year, I want to just tell you my favorites.  So here we go!

Mountain Dew Kickstart, “Come Alive”, BBDO New York

To be honest, this ad was so good, it should’ve been shown during the game.  I mean, guys dancing like crazy, plus a mounted deer head smashing through a wall, plus a twerking dog, plus everything else in the room coming live including an 18th Century Marie Antoinette-esque portrait getting down…well, this was just gold all together.

Loctite, “Positive Feelings”, Fallon, Minneapolis

And y’know what else was gold?  This.  I must say, I was quite skeptical when I found out that Loctite spent pretty much its entire annual ad budget on this one commercial.  I mean, the exposure they got was unparalleled in comparison to any other marketing avenue, but would that convert to positive buzz?

Oh, but it did.  I’d say it was easily the most talked-about commercial of the night on Twitter.  I guess time will tell if that buzz converts to increased revenue for the company, but at least it’s got top-of-mind awareness in my book.  After all, how many glues save people’s marriages, all while being able to fit in a fanny pack?  That’s a glue worth keeping in your junk drawer.

Can we just talk about, too, how the commercial just ends so brilliantly with, “Loctite glue saved our marriage”?  I mean, c’mon, who ends the commercial like that?

Nissan, “With Dad”, TBWA/Chiat/Day, Los Angeles

I’d say this was my favorite ad of the Bowl, actually.  Not because it tugs at the heartstrings…well, not just because it tugs at the heartstrings.  It’s  a very cinematic look at modern fatherhood – maybe not being home to care for a family all the time, but still loving them just the same and doing everything you can to support them.  This ad is a great example of visual storytelling – there’s the minimum number of lines paired with intriguing juxtaposed images of a man’s passion vs. his commitments.  I’m actually surprised at the social media backlash against this ad.  Many people perceive this ad as condoning what they call “bad parenting”, but in my opinion, the guy’s just trying to provide for his family.  Did you notice the picture he had of his wife and son inside the car?  Exactly.

Skechers, “Pete in the Hall”, Siltanen & Partners, El Segundo, CA

The end of the commercial almost made me spit out my drink.  Obviously, any self-respecting baseball fan will know to what “the hall” refers, and that’s what makes this commercial so clever.  Another two things this ad has going for it – it’s always good when celebrities can poke fun at themselves, and Skechers are very comfortable shoes.  I’ve had my sneakers for a few years, now.

Fun fact – this agency also did a bangin’ commercial for Coldwell Banker last year during the Grammys.  Check out “Home Rocks” when you get a chance.

Budweiser, “Lost Dog”, Anomaly, New York

The lovable puppy from Budweiser’s hit ad last year comes back in this great ad.  I actually loved the music – there’s this great Irish singing group called Trillogy, and they do a cover of “500 Miles” that’s very similar to this arrangement.  So when I heard the music on the ad, I immediately thought, “Oh, my God!  The Trillogy version finally made it into a commercial!”  Alas, this was not exactly the case, since the version from the commercial, by the artist Sleeping At Last (aka Ryan O’Neal), was released a few months before Trillogy’s.  But it’s still a great arrangement.

To be completely honest, I thought this year was the most sub-par year for commercials in a long time.  When I was in high school ten years ago, it seemed like the commercial breaks were always chock-full of hilarious beer, chips, and pizza commercials, and sexy, sleek, celebrity-filled car commercials, with ideas behind them that were just as big as their budgets.  I don’t know what’s happened since.  Maybe consumer tastes have changed drastically, but there seems to be a lack of originality in Super Bowl advertising.  It’s like, everything’s been done before, so there’s nothing new to do.  But y’know, I say that this year, not knowing what creative minds are lurking in some agency somewhere, late at night, plotting their moves for the next annual event, hoping to make the next “1984”.  That’s the beauty of artistic expression.  You never know from whence it will come, from whom…or how hard it will fall.

Well, anyway, I know how hard I’ll fall into bed in a few minutes.  This guy is tired.  Find me on Twitter at @NickNappoMWM, if you wanna talk more.

Have a great weekend, everybody!


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