2015 Golden Globe Predictions and some Bada** British Accountants

Hey, you!  Happy New Year!

So tonight is the Golden Globes, and I’ve made some predictions with the lovely and talented Ms. Emily Miller.  I couldn’t find the reblog button on her page, so here’s the post: https://emilymiller91.wordpress.com/2015/01/09/golden-globes-predictions-2015/

Otherwise…I honestly don’t know how often I’ll be able to keep up this blog anymore.  I’m busy with work, and to be honest, I’ve got other things going on that will hinder me from writing.  If I find something absolutely amazing, however, I’ll post about it.

So before I go, actually, I want to share with you something I found through Sarah Cirelli, the WithumSmith+Brown Interactive Marketing Manager.  This is a video from Cassons, an accounting firm in Haslingden, Lancashire, England.

They made a trailer about their firm and made it look like an action movie.

And it rocks.

Arrivederci, amici!


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