Television Advertising for Accounting Firms – Worth It or Not?

I didn’t get much response on LinkedIn when I originally posted this, so let’s see what another try will do…

Introspections of a marketing gentleman

During the first half of the summer, I took a Marketing Research course that detailed the process of…well, marketing research.  We applied the principles we learned in class to a hypothetical project we planned around the topic of our choosing.

For a little bit, I wrestled with several potential ideas, based on products and brands that interested me.  “Soft drinks?  Nah, too trite.  Department stores?  No, I’ve already researched department stores once before in this program.  Cell phone providers?  Eh, not sure I wanna spend the next few weeks with that.”

So what was a man to do?  Well, I ditched the product idea and moved on to another major area of interest for me.  If you’ve been following this blog, you’ve probably guessed it…accounting.  Specifically, how accounting firms might decide for or against the usage of television advertising in their marketing mix.  It’s actually been a topic in which…

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