New Project Time!

I’m popping in briefly once again.

Sorry my posts lately haven’t been very substantial…the new job is keeping me busy.  I don’t know what else to say, other than I wish I had more time to share cool stuff with you guys.  Gotta bring home the bacon, though.  You know how it is. 

However, I’m working on something that I think will make up for all that.  And I think you’ll like it very much, if you’re into accounting.  Which, if you’re reading this blog, there’s a very good chance you are.  

Over the next couple weeks, I’ll be working on a map that shows the largest accounting firm in each state.  I’ve seen other publications do this before, like AdAge did last year for the top ad agency in each state, and like Broadview Networks did this week with the largest companies in each state.  You can see them both here: and

So I saw these maps and thought, “Gee, wouldn’t it be cool if something like this was put out for accounting firms?”  I like how colorful the maps are, and it would certainly be visually intriguing to see everyone’s logo up there.  Now, when I say “largest”, I mean the firm in each state with the highest revenue.  I’ll go off Accounting Today’s rankings of the top firms, which would give me the best in each state.  But some will be harder to find than others.  For example, anyone know the highest-revenue firm in Delaware?

Anyway, I just wanted to tell you about that because I’m really excited about it.  Wish me luck!

I’m going to bed now.  TGIF.  And TTYL.


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