Home Stretch, Everybody. But First, Here’s More Cool Accountants

Hey, there.

I must apologize for my irregularity in posting – I’m finishing up the semester at Marist this week, after which I should have a lot more time on my hands.

In the meantime, I wanted to share something with you that made my day today.  A couple months ago I did a post about accounting firms that were doing really unique things on social media.

Well, it seems I overlooked one.

Get to know WithumSmith+Brown.  They’re a Princeton, New Jersey-based accounting and consulting firm, and they’re probably the coolest accounting firm you’ll ever meet.

Their YouTube videos, which contain everything from little comedic skits to lip dubs to flash mobs, are a direct attempt to appeal to potential talent from the Millennial pool.  This sense of fun within their corporate culture is part of what they call “the Withum Way”, which dictates:

“If you don’t love what you are doing, then why bother doing it? We are zealous in our pursuit of living. Happy professionals approach their work life with the same enthusiasm with which they approach their personal lives. This enhances their relationships with clients as well as the delivery of service to them.”

I firmly believe that in order to develop a strong corporate culture, you need to let your employees just be.  As Withum says, people who are happy in their workplace will bring their passion and earnestness of life to the office, and their job will never feel like work to them.  In turn, this energy will radiate into their relationships with clients, which will not only aid in developing a positive reputation for the firm, but will help to create a really idiosyncratic image of the firm for its publics. 

Check out WS+B’s State of the Firm videos below:






On top of that, you’ve probably noticed that their CEO, Bill Hagaman, gets in on the fun.  Check out this short and sweet video of him donning Ray-Bans and dancing in slo-mo.  And let me tell you, ladies and gentlemen, just so you know I’m serious – any man who wears suspenders with a shirt and tie and busts a move to dubstep is a double-thumbs-up in my book.  That’s the kind of exec I want to be. 

Visit http://www.withum.com to learn more about WithumSmith+Brown and the services they provide beyond awesome viral videos.  You’ll find links to their social media accounts at the top of their home page. 

Well, whaddya know?  Looks like I wrote a nice little post today.  And I wasn’t even trying.  😉  Take care.   


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