First introspection (original title, I know)

Hey!  Welcome to me!

I really don’t know what to write tonight, since I actually need to grace other social media sites with my presence and I wasn’t anticipating spending a whole lot of time here.  You see, I’m taking a Social Media Strategies class in my grad program, and our professor has required us to set up accounts on all the major social media sites.  I think it’s a really cool idea; I mean, it definitely immerses us in all aspects of social media, and what better way to study it than to actually use it, right?  The only thing is, I’ve kinda been avoiding every site other than Facebook because, well…I still love interpersonal interaction, and I feel like having only a Facebook account allows me yet to maintain the balance between the digital and the human. 

I suppose my entrance into these new realms will force me to find my balance in this new gravity, not only in my own life, but in the current cultural discourse.  I may be doing all these things now for a college course, but afterwards, I’m not sure I’d really want to delete all my accounts.  Social media dominates our way of life now, such that there are more people on Facebook right now than there were on Earth 200 years ago.  Every second, 8000 users like some photo or another on Instagram.  Every second.  Meaning in the time I took to write this sentence, almost half a million people around the world were instantly gratified by an image of a friend, a sunset, a cat, or a batch of cupcakes.  Wow.  It gives new meaning to the phrase “mass media”, doesn’t it?  It’s like a giant amoeba, enlarging at light-speed, fasting and preparing for the day when surely all of us will be devoured.  I was told in high school that that day would come, that it was so close.  Now it’s too close.

But what can I do?  In one of the best business books I’ve read so far, The End of Business as Usual by Brian Solis, the author mentions the adage, “Adapt or die.”  I guess that’s where I am right now.  So I’ll try to balance my real and digital lives, all the while trying to make a career in advertising/marketing.  At the same, though, I’m really excited for the adventure that lies ahead.  The agency I’m interning with now does a lot of work with website development and social media marketing, so I look forward to the discoveries I make and business solutions I help devise in the coming months in the context of companies expanding their presence using one of the most powerful marketing tools in the history of commerce.  Yeah, that’s right, Internet, I just gave you a major pat on the back.  I guess you can thank me by not crashing in the next hour or so.

Well, anyway, that’s my spiel.  But before I go, I should probably lay on you some silly personal stuff.  My name – Nick.  My location – north of NYC.  School – Marist.  Loves – advertising, movies, theatre, arts, food, friends, life.  🙂


Btw, if you’re interested in that book I was talking about, here it is:  REALLY good book.  Highly recommend it if you’re in any kind of marketing, advertising, or PR field.       



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